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The Security Current Podcast features CISO-led interviews with industry thought leaders about key challenges, best practices and innovative approaches to information security, risk and privacy.

Oct 22, 2014

The drumbeat of breaches -- Home Depot, Target, Jimmy John's and the list goes one -- continues almost daily. Why is this the case? It doesn't appear to be a lack of security investment or governance.

As you'll hear from one former Gartner analyst who has 'gone over to the dark side,' a key problem is that individual security functions largely exist in isolated silos. Eric Ouellet, who is now VP of Strategy at Bay Dynamics, says this approach leads to data overload for security analysts causing fatigue and subsequently inadequate responses to attacks.

Ouellet tells securitycurrent's Vic Wheatman that traditional approaches have flaws and generally lack the correlation of threat information from one silo to the rest, which would support holistic responses.