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Apr 7, 2015

How big a market is Security Analytics? If you ask our guest, Gartner Research VP Dr. Anton Chuvakin you'll hear that there actually is no specific or defined market called Security Analytics. He says that while there are technology providers offering products or services so labeled they all do somewhat different things in different ways. 

There are vendors who look at packets, others that look at logs or roles and those that look at malware among other things and they all carry a label of analytics but according to Dr. Chuvakin the fact that all of the vendors do different things indicates that there is no market that you can just go to and buy a security analytics product. 

Organizations need to self define what they want to analyze and then assemble the required pieces and perhaps integrate with a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system, which is in some cases is essential for aspects of security analytics to work.

In any case, the buy versus build discussion becomes much more than binary. Dr. Chuvakin explores this largely undefined territory with Security Current's Vic Wheatman.