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Apr 29, 2015

Some 2.5 billion emails containing malware were sent in 2014. Malware URLs are on the rise. Phishing URLs are on the rise. And according to CYREN's 2015 Cyber Threats Yearbook it doesn't appear that attackers will be letting up any time soon.

The CYREN report, which analyzed 5 trillion Internet transactions, found that while high-profile breaches like Home Depot and Sony made headlines, attackers have set their sights on enterprises of all sizes and notoriety. No organization is immune. It also found that BYOD, consumer grade products, are creating new vulnerabilities in the enterprise. 

Knowing the threat sources and how armies of botnet machines are being spawned to spread malware is key to building effective defensive strategies. 

In this sponsored podcast, Security Current's Vic Wheatman speaks with Lior Kohavi, CYREN's Chief Technology Officer. They discuss the reports findings and how cloud-based security solutions are being use to predict and subsequently mitigate against attacks.