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May 5, 2015

A surprising number of organizations are expecting a cyber attack. Despite this it is getting harder to fill cyber security jobs.

ISACA, an independent, nonprofit global association that develops and promotes the adoption of globally accepted practices for information systems, in collaboration with the RSA Conference published a survey titled: The State of Cyber Security: Implications for 2015.

The survey found that while boards of directors are now including cyber security on their agendas security still isn't where it should be. The survey also revealed that despite organization's anticipating attacks there is a lack of sufficiently trained talent available to fill security positions.

According to Eddie Schwartz, who chairs ISACA's Cyber Security Task Force, only about 25 percent of applicants had the requisite skills to fill open security positions. Schwartz told Security Current's Vic Wheatman about the survey, and security certifications ISACA is rolling out to meet the growing need for skilled cyber security professionals.

The study based on the survey is available here