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Real-world conversations with top security execs. Prepare to be enlightened, engaged, perhaps challenged & definitely informed while getting to know the pros responsible for it all.

Nov 23, 2016

It’s becoming an old adage: it isn’t a matter of if an attacker will infiltrate your network but when.” With that being the case and with research showing that attackers often reside on an enterprise’s network for many months doing reconnaissance and exfiltrating data before being identified, what are and can enterprises do? The use of autonomous threat deception technologies to identify an intruder once inside the network is being adopted by enterprises seeking preventive and proactive to technologies.

As you’ll hear in this conversation with David Cass, Global CISO IBM Cloud and SaaS CISO, and Chris Roberts, Acalvio Chief Security Architect there has been a significant evolution in threat detection technology to allow enterprises to identify intruders quickly. In this sponsored podcast you’ll hear how a new dynamic and smart approach to traditional honeypots is helping enterprises by allowing them to immediately detect lateral movement, shortening the time to discovery.